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Taking Frequent SnapShots of Oracle Databases May Lead to Delphix Becoming Unresponsive (KBA1119)


Alert Type

Delphix Engine Availability


When taking frequent snapshots of Oracle source databases with a large number of datafiles, the Delphix Engine may become unresponsive, preventing login to the GUI and CLI, although VDBs will continue to run properly. 

Contributing Factors

This issues occurs in the following Delphix Releases:

  • Delphix Engine
  • Delphix Engine

This issue may occur on Delphix Engines that have a dSource created from an Oracle source with a large number of datafiles and configured to take frequent snapshots.


Unresponsiveness of the Delphix GUI or CLI when logging in.


The Delphix Engine should be upgraded to the latest version of Delphix Engine 3.1. Contact Delphix Support to arrange an upgrade.


The issue is addressed in Delphix Engine and later releases.