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Configuring Masking Connector for Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) (KBA1214)





This article is no longer current. The best solution is to use the properties of the Basic Connector. You can find more information about the Basic Connector in the following article:  Configuring a Masking Connector to Work with an AD Account (KBA1820).



Troubleshooting Masking Connector Configuration

The masking connector GUI interface does not currently allow special characters in most of the fields, including the Login ID, therefore, it is not possible to use a windows domain account for a Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) connector.  


Follow the steps to use a domain account:

  1. Switch the SQL server connector from Basic to Advanced.
  2. Fill all the information and username as required, without the domain.
  3. In JDBC URL, use the following syntax as an example: 


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