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TB093 Oracle V2P Operations Can Remove Existing Database Files




Alert Type

Data Loss


In rare circumstances if a Virtual-to-Physical (V2P) operation is performed where the destination of the operation already contains Oracle database files, the existing files can be lost. This can result in the crash of an affected database and permanent loss of the data contained within. 

A V2P operation is used to re-instantiate a Virtual Database (VDB), whose storage resides on a Delphix engine, to a location on a target environment outside of Delphix. 

Contributing Factors

The problem can only occur when using one of the following affected Delphix engine releases:

Major Release All Sub Releases

This issue applies only to Virtualization Engines. Masking Engines are not affected. Delphix operations other than V2P are not impacted.

The issue can only happen when all of the following factors are present:

  • Performing a V2P operation with an Oracle VDB snapshot

  • Specifying a V2P Target Directory which refers to a location where other Oracle database datafiles already reside (including subdirectories)


The issue will not occur when:

  • Performing a V2P operation with an Oracle dSource snapshot
  • Performing a V2P operation with non-Oracle data sources or VDBs
  • A V2P operation specifies a Target Directory where Oracle database datafiles are not present 


Following a V2P operation, existing databases may crash and their datafiles be deleted. 


When performing a V2P operation with an Oracle VDB, do not provide a Target Directory where other data exists (including subdirectories). Using a different directory path from other existing database files will avoid this issue.


This issue is fully resolved in Delphix release

Additional Information

As a best practice, the Target Directory used in V2P operations should be an empty directory.