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TB090 Delphix Engines Using SDD May Become Unresponsive




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In some cases following a Replication Send that uses the Selective Data Distribution feature (aka SDD, or replicating ONLY masked data), a Delphix Engine can become unresponsive or stuck in a quickly rebooting loop. This can result in a state where:

  • GUI, CLI, and API may not be available, or only running for a very short time repeatedly.
  • VDB storage may not be accessible and all VDBs could become unresponsive or crash.
  • Scheduled jobs will not run, such as Snapshots or Refreshes.

Contributing Factors

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Major Release All Sub Releases
  • This issue applies only to Virtualization Engines running release Masking Engines are not affected.
  • This can only happen when using the Secure Data Distribution feature during a Replication Send job.


  • The Delphix Engine will be unresponsive or repeatedly rebooting.
  • Target UNIX hosts may report "NFS Server not responding" or similar messages.


If login is possible, stop any Replication jobs where SDD has been configured. Arrange to upgrade to or later at the earliest convenience.

If login is not possible, please contact Delphix Support for assistance.


This issue is fully resolved in release and later releases.

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