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TB079 Delphix Engine May Become Non-Responsive After Device Expansion




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Following a device expansion, where an existing storage device (LUN) is increased in size to make more space available for Delphix, the Delphix system may become unresponsive. 

Virtual Databases (VDBs) on an affected Delphix engine may become unresponsive or crash. 

After onset, the problem is persistent. It cannot be resolved with a system reboot. The issue may lead to protracted outages. 

Contributing Factors

Versions of the Delphix engine to which this article applies:

Major Release All Sub Releases

The problem can occur when performing even a single device expansion operation, but it is more likely to occur when multiple device expansions are done either simultaneously or around the same time.


On Oracle target hosts where VDBs are running, messages similar to the following may be seen:

NFS server <ip address> not responding

Existing sessions to the Delphix Admin, sessions to the Setup application, or API sessions may become unresponsive or become disconnected. 


Defer any device expansion operations. Alternatively, add new storage devices instead of expanding existing ones. 

Once the issue occurs, it can be only be resolved by Delphix Support. You may request support via the Delphix Support portal at


This issue is fully resolved in Delphix, and later releases.

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