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TB059 Slow Oracle JDBC Connections After Upgrade




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The Delphix Engine uses JDBC connections to make queries for Source or Virtual Databases.  The creation of new JDBC connections to an Oracle database may take significantly longer or timeout and fail.  This can impact numerous operations including:

  • Start-up or Shutdown of a Virtual Database (VDB)
  • Source Database Snapshots

Contributing Factors

This problem can only occur when using one of the following Delphix Engine releases:

Major Release

All Sub Releases



The problem can only occur when using Oracle databases with Delphix. The problem may occur during the following Delphix database operations:

  • VDB Start/Stop

  • VDB refresh jobs

  • VDB rollback jobs

  • VDB provision jobs

  • Snapshot

  • Source Enable

  • Source Disable

The problem is more likely to occur on Delphix Engines with a large number of Source Databases or VDBs.


  • Affected jobs on Oracle Databases may run more slowly than expected.
  • The Verify JDBC Connecting String operation available under Manage -> Environments -> host name -> Databases may take many minutes, while a local connection to the same database may complete instantly. 
  • Attempts to complete certain operations, such as provisioning a new VDB, may fail with a "Communication Error" message


Defer upgrading to an affected software release.


This issue is fully addressed in Delphix Engine and later releases.


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