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TB056 Release Performance Issues




This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

Major Release

All Sub Releases


Alert Type




Affected engines can hang. Virtual Databases running on the affected system may become unresponsive, hang, or crash.

The system will not automatically recover, and it may be necessary to force a reboot at the hypervisor level to recover the system.

Hangs may recur on affected systems.

The incidence of the problem is low and has only been observed on internal test systems at Delphix running on configurations that are highly susceptible.

Contributing Factors

Systems with a higher proportion of small disks with disks that are highly fragmented are more likely to experience the issue.  Although there is no direct way from the product to determine the level of fragmentation, fragmentation is highly correlated to available remaining capacity of individual disks.  Systems with capacity utilization over 90% on disks are more likely to be highly fragmented.

Systems with a higher rate of I/O (IOPS) are more likely to experience the problem.


The performance of the system may become extremely slow, or the system may appear to be completely non-responsive.

The graphical user interface, command line interface, and APIs may become unresponsive.

Virtual databases may report excessive I/O completion times, may hang, or crash.


Do not upgrade to the affected release.  

A forced reboot may clear the issue in some cases.


This issue is fully resolved in Delphix release, and later releases.

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