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TB055 Masking Job Monitoring Failures



This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

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All Sub Releases



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In the Delphix Masking application, the status of masking jobs may be inaccurate, making it difficult to assess if masking jobs have completed normally. 

The issue affects both the graphical user interface and API results. 

The masking application may become slow or unresponsive.

Contributing Factors

The problem is more likely to occur when running a larger number concurrent streams in a masking job.  The number of concurrent streams governs how many tables can be masked simultaneously in a single masking job and is controlled by the No. of Streams field in the Create Masking Job panel or by the numInputStreams attribute of the masking-jobs API element.


Job Monitoring in Delphix Masking may report less than 100% status even though job status is displayed as Completed.

Job Monitoring may stop updating.

Job Monitoring can report a negative value for the number of rows/minute masked.

Job Monitoring can inaccurately report the number tables masked, reporting a value lower than the actual number.  

The Delphix Masking application user interface may become slow or unresponsive.


Delay upgrades to an affected software version.

Update masking jobs to use a single stream in the Create Masking Job Panel or via the numInputStreams attribute of the masking-jobs API element.  This should be considered a temporary measure. Once an official fix is available the configuration should be reverted to use a concurrency level that optimizes performance.


This issue is fully resolved in Delphix Release, and later releases.

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