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TB053 Administrative Username Change



Applicable Versions

This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

Product Name

Release Version

Delphix Masking Engine

Delphix Virtualization Engine


Only new installations of affected platforms are impacted. The change occurs in the following releases:

  • Delphix Masking Engine -

  • Delphix Virtualization Engine -



Engines upgraded from previous versions are not impacted by this change, nor are there plans to ever affect this change during upgrade.

Contributing Factors

Starting with the following releases, we have normalized the administrative user across the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform as "admin" for all new installations.

  • Delphix Masking Engine -

  • Delphix Virtualization Engine -

Engines upgraded from previous versions are not impacted by this change.

This change is only an issue for customer environments with a mix of newly installed and upgraded Delphix Engines, where scripts have the delphix_admin username encoded within them. Customers should review whether scripts in their Delphix environment are impacted by these changes, and follow the procedure in the Recommendations section below.

Additional Information

There have been related changes in the products we would like to call out.

Delphix Masking Engine

Delphix also wanted to reduce the number of default user accounts in the product, and thus we have removed the Axistech user from the Delphix Masking Engine in This change only applies to newly installed engines. Upgraded Masking Engines will continue to have the Axistech user.

Delphix Virtualization Engine

Two additional, related changes were made to the Virtualization Engine, and apply to both newly installed and upgraded engines:

  1. Admins can change the admin username using the CLI.

  2. The domainUserType ‘DELPHIX_ADMIN’ has been changed to ‘DOMAIN_ADMIN’.
    ‘DELPHIX_ADMIN’ can continue to be used with the WebServices API, but is not available via CLI.
    Note that the ‘Engine Administrator’ field remains unchanged in the UI.


Scripts with the delphix_admin username encoded within them will have to be changed if used on newly deployed systems. Customers with a mix of newly deployed and existing engines which consequently have a mix of default admin accounts names will need to adopt one the following best practices.

  1. Create a new, customer-specific username and give this new user admin-level privileges.  Then disable the admin username. Take similar actions on engines with the delphix_admin username. Update scripts to reflect the appropriate username(s). 
    Alternatively, you can rename the admin or delphix_admin username to a username that is customer-specific.

  2. Change scripts to reflect appropriate admin or delphix_admin usernames.

  3. Rename the admin username to delphix_admin on newly installed engines.