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TB022 Spurious faults can be generated after an upgrade



Alert Type



Spurious or irrelevant faults


Starting with Delphix Engine v4.1, source and target environments are monitored for compliance with the requirements and best practices stated in the Getting Started documentation. The intent of this proactive approach is to mitigate (performance) problems before they affect the end user. Beginning in Delphix Engine v4.2, faults are generated when the monitoring detects anomalies. In some circumstances, these faults are spurious in nature and can be safely ignored. 

Contributing Factors

The issue may occur in the following Delphix Releases:

  • Delphix Engine through

Factors that lead to generation of spurious faults are:

  • Use of Solaris environments. 
  • Restrictive permissions on ssh configuration files.
  • Use of Oracle Grid environments.
  • Existence of non running Oracle instances in oratab configuration files.
  • Delphix toolkit directories having limited free space.


Examples of spurious faults are:

	Description: Command 'ps' exited with a non-zero exit code: ps: no controlling terminal
	Response: The Delphix Engine may be unable to interact with this environment. 
	Action: Check the exit status of the command when run by the Delphix OS user.
	Description: Cannot find or read "sshd_config" in standard location. 
	Response: The Delphix Engine is unable to confirm that there is a reasonable "sshd_config" file on this host. 
	Action: Manually ensure that the "sshd_config" file meets the documented criteria for remote hosts.
	Description: File '/su01/app/' is not writable by 'delphix'.
	Response: The Delphix Engine may be unable to link or provision databases on this environment. 
	Action: Check the permissions of the file.
	Description: Oracle instance 'trois' listed in the oratab file is not running.
	Response: The Delphix Engine will be unable to link this database. 
	Action: If you would like to link this database, startup the instance.
	Description: The TCP sunrpc.tcp_slot_table_entries property is currently set to '16' which is below the recommended minimum value of 128.
	Response: Performance of network operations such as VDB reads and writes may suffer.
	Action: Adjust the value of the TCP slot table entries.

Note that the above fault is valid for environments that host VDBs but is not relevant for environments that have sources.

	Description:The directory at which the Delphix toolkit will be deployed has 100MB available. The Delphix toolkit requires 1600MB of space.
	Response:The Delphix Engine will be unable to interact with this environment.
	Action: Free up space on the environment.


Specific faults that are deemed spurious can be marked as ignored in the GUI. This will stop generation of new faults. Starting with Delphix Engine, emails will also cease for ignored faults.


A full resolution is available in