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User Account Management (KBA1550)



Account Management

To ensure that our customers have the best support we can deliver, we only allow registered individual support users to interact with our support team. These accounts can be created at the request of a Primary Support Contact using the steps in How to Add a New User Account.

For security reasons, alias group accounts cannot be established. 

All user account management is at the direction of the Primary Contact and performed by the Delphix Customer Success Operations team. There is currently no self-service option and all configurations must be requested through a support ticket using the Portal User Account Management form. The number of support accounts is based on the customer's  licensing agreement, for more information on number of account please refer to our general Support Policies

Additional Configurations

Primary Contacts may also:

  1. Request additional Primary Contact(s) for the organization
  2. Request additional user accounts
  3. Suspend user accounts
  4. Request ability for all users to view and update cases for your entire organization

All Users can:

  1. View and update cases (if the Primary Contact has requested it)
  2. Follow the organization (which will allow you to be updated when a new case is filed on behalf of your organization)

Viewing all Organization Tickets

Please note that the Primary Contact must first request this feature to be turned on for your account. 

1. On go to 'My Activities'


2.  Then go to 'Organization Requests' and it will display all requests for your company.


Following your Organization

Please note that this will only notify you when a new request is filed, it will not automatically cc you on all updates and you must also have viewing all Organization requests enabled. 

Under 'Requests' > 'Organization requests' you will find the 'Follow' button