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KBA1028 Customer Support Registration Policy


Delphix requires all support case interactions to be via registered users. There are no exceptions to this regardless of the urgency of any technical problems that customers may need assistance with. This policy exists to protect our customers. The basic rules that govern the use of support accounts are as follows:

  • Support accounts must be named and associated with specific a person (not generic, not a group alias).
  • Customers who interact with Delphix Support must do so via the named accounts.
  • Accounts must not be shared with other persons.

Customers who fail to adhere to this policy are at risk of delayed support and problem resolution.


Customer privacy and data security is extremely important to Delphix. We have a strict policy to keep information private and not disclose information to unauthorised third parties. The definition of information is broad and covers:

  • Any details regarding ongoing cases.
  • Information related to their environment such as environment configurations, hardware specifications, or software licenses.
  • The names and contact details of registered users.

An unauthorised party is anyone who is not registered in the case manager via a request from an existing authorised user.


Consequences of attempting to circumvent the Customer Support Registration Policy are:

  • New incoming support calls from unknown persons will be politely rejected without opening a support case.
  • Obvious attempts to share credentials for the Delphix Support portal will cause delays until authorised persons are available. If no authorised person is available, cases may be rejected.

How to register a new user

The primary registered users at a customer site can raise a support case via the Delphix Support portal to request additional users up to the number of users allowed by the support contract. Please refer to How to Add an Account to Support Site

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