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KBA1007 How to Add a New User Account to the Delphix Support Site


Adding a new user account to the Delphix Support Site.

New user account requests MUST come from the primary contact on the account.

To add another contact to support:

  1. Primary Contact (verify) opens a new support case with
  2. Include the following information for the new user account:
    1. Full Name
    2. Telephone Number (including international prefix)
    3. Email Address
    4. Job Title
    5. Time Zone
  3. Support Team creates a new user account per the request.
  4. New user is sent an email to verify their account. 



To verify if the person asking for the new user is the primary contact click on the user, we should see a tag "Primary-Contact"


If the requester is not the primary contact then, do the following:

1) Find the primary contact for that organization. Iterate through the users looking for the primary-contact tag.

2) Send the request back to the user saying that the correct primary-contact needs approve the request and add the primary-contact to the case.