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Change Delphix_OS User's LDAP Password for SQL Server Environments (KBA5834)



KBA# 5834




Customers using LDAP for Delphix_os user passwords which require them to be changed after a certain interval may run into issues. If there are large numbers of servers as well as Delphix Engines that will need to be updated.

For example the delphix_os user's password may get locked out and need to be reset.


Windows account management password change policy.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases




5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,



To workaround this issue, we need to do the following:

  • A Delphix employee may need to login to the Delphix Engine and temporarily increase the environment monitoring period so the Delphix Environment Monitoring Task does not login and cause the password to lock out.
    • This will require a support case to be opened to engage Delphix support for this task.
  • Stop temporarily the Delphix Connector Service on all the Windows hosts. Delphix connects to each SQL Server instance via JDBC once per minute to see if there are new transaction logs or database dumps. Stopping the Delphix Connector Service should prevent the password from getting locked, which will allow the customer to update the password in the Delphix Engine Manage - Environment UI. 
    • Another alternative would be to disable all the VDBs/dSources en-masse but this would require downtime with your users. Stopping the Delphix Connector service would be invisible to end users.
    • If the Environment monitor can connect to a Delphix Connector, it will connect as the Delphix_OS user and try to execute scripts to load the dump/logs into the staging databases, etc.




From the Delphix Engine's support logs we'd see environment monitor tasks still running:

[2020-05-08 12:32:16,486][DEBUG][exception.DelphixUserException#logMe:70][EnvironmentMonitorTask-9][] Encountered User Exception in connect(), exception.ccc.connect.failed.with.env {##.###.###.##||


DLPX-25742 - Disabling an environment should disable all the databases on it
DLPX-50165 - EnvironmentMonitorTask continues to run for objects under an environment after environment is disabled
Verify what environment_monitor.monitor.sleep_time is actually set to.
Set environment_monitor.monitor.sleep_time=3000000 on the engine temporarily
Disable the Delphix Connector service on all of the Windows hosts. 
Or disable all VDBs/dSources en-masse.
Change the password for all the environments.
Reset environment_monitor.monitor.sleep_time=300000

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