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The Delphix Connector Service Stops Unexpectedly (INTERNAL ONLY) (KBA1082)


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The Delphix Engine uses a component called the Delphix Connector to manage actions on and communication with Windows Environments. Due to a problem with the .NET API used by the Delphix Connector, this component will become inoperative after continuously operating for 24 days.


Once the Delphix Connector is inoperative, management administration for affected Environments will no longer function, including:

  • Adding affected host Environments to a Delphix Engine

  • Refreshing host Environments

  • Starting and stopping Virtual Databases (VDBs)

  • Creating dSources or taking new snapshots on dSources

Contributing Factors

Only Microsoft Windows Environments (hosts) used by Delphix are affected. This can include dSource hosts, Staging Hosts and Target Hosts.

Only Delphix Connector versions and earlier are affected. The Delphix Connector is a component installed separately from the Delphix Engine. The version does not necessarily correspond to the version of Delphix Engine software. The following table shows the versions of the Delphix Connector available which each Delphix Engine:

<< table of Delphix Connector versions included with Delphix Engine releases >>


The issue presents itself while adding or refreshing host environments with an error message stating that the 'DelphixConnectorService' could not be found.

The Microsoft Windows Event Viewer on an affected environment will show events like:


Information 9/12/2015 4:33:12 PM DelphixConnector 0 None
Delphix Connector process failed: System.InvalidOperationException: Process must exit before requested information can be determined.
   at System.Diagnostics.Process.EnsureState(State state)
   at System.Diagnostics.Process.get_ExitCode()
   at DelphixConnectorService.DelphixConnector.runConnector()
   at DelphixConnectorService.DelphixConnector.runConnectorLoop()


This will occur approximately 24 days after event start:


Information 8/18/2015 7:57:55 PM DelphixConnector 0 None
Delphix Connector service starting under PID: ###



Restart the Delphix Connector every 23 days or after the Delphix Connector service has stopped operating by:

  1. Open Services from Administrative tools 

  2. Select Delphix Connector service 

  3. Right click > Restart


The issue is fully resolved in Delphix Connector and later versions.

To resolve this issue upgrade the Delphix Connector on each Windows Server Environment used by a Delphix Engine. See the procedure: KB1507 Reinstall/Upgrade the Delphix Connector for detailed instructions on upgrading the Delphix Connector component.

Before following the KB1507 Reinstall/Upgrade the Delphix Connector procedure, it will may be necessary to upgrade the Delphix Engine to a version containing Delphix Connector, or a later version. Alternatively, a newer version of the Delphix Connector can be downloaded directly from without upgrading the Delphix Engine:

  1.  Go to
  2.  Navigate to the Delphix_Connector folder and select the most recent version of the Delphix Connector installer (.msi) package

  3. In the KB1507 Reinstall/Upgrade the Delphix Connector procedure, use the downloaded version of the Delphix Connector Installer package instead of following the instructions in the “Download the Delphix Connector” section of the instructions.

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Additional Information

To verify the version of the Delphix Connector, go to Add/Remove Programs and click on the Delphix Connector. This will display the version of the current Delphix Connector.

To upgrade or reinstall the Delphix Connector, please use KB1507 Reinstall/Upgrade the Delphix Connector.

To install the new version on a new Target or Staging Server, use this link.

Internal Notes

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