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Creating a "Dummy" Job for SDD (KBA1403)


This document is for internal use only.




Selective Data Distribution (SDD) requires that only masked virtual databases (VDBs) can be added to a SDD replication spec. To create a Masked VDB, a masking job must be selected as part of the VDB provisioning process. However, there may be situations in which a Masked VDB is needed but the masking process cannot be defined in a Masking Engine job. In these situations, the user can setup a "Dummy" job (a no-op job) in the Masking Engine which will mark the VDB as masked. Create a "dummy" job in the Masking Engine when the following are true:


Scenario 1

(a) Customer wants to use SDD and

(b) Customer is not using Delphix Masking (DMSuite), instead the customer is using a different masking solution or their own custom scripts

Scenario 2

(a) Customer wants to use SDD and

(b) Customer is using a standalone, legacy version of Delphix Masking (DMSuite) that does not support remote invocation from the Virtualization Engine via the REST API

Scenario 3

(a) Customer wants to use SDD and

(b) Customer needs multiple jobs to mask their dataset (see How to Run Multiple Masking Jobs During Masked Provisioning)


Setup Steps

  1. Setup Masked provisioning using a "dummy" job in the Masking Engine
    1. Follow the product documentation for setting up Masked Provisioning
      1. The Masking Job should have no algorithms selected in the Inventory
      2. Select the dummy masking job on the dSource card's masking tab
  2. Provision a Masked VDB using the dummy job
    1. On the post-clone hooks screen, add a "Configure Clone" hook to run the customer's masking/custom scripts
  3. Setup SDD using the Masked VDB
    1. Follow the product documentation for setting up SDD here

Additional Information

  • A separate dummy job will need to be created for each dSource

  • Be sure to select "Multi Tenant" in the dummy job definition within DMSuite

  • Temporary objects (for instance, an empty table) can be created under the schema defined in the initial connector configuration in DMSuite. After the initial configuration of the dummy job, these objects no longer have to exist for future runs of the dummy masking job (as long as the user can log in, the dummy job will run)