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KBA1716 AWS/EC2 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does licensing work?

Currently Delphix only supports a BYOL (Bring Your Own License-all BYOL products are to be listed on AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace, so that customers who don’t have existing licenses have the option to purchase the products) model. The number of Delphix Engines you need depends on the number of 8vCPU that customers decide they want to run in AWS or in VMware.

Q: What use cases is AWS for?

Delphix for AWS can be used in these three primary models:

1. Hybrid model - production on-prem, test/dev in AWS.

2. Migration - migrate applications and databases from on-prem to AWS

3. Full Cloud - production and test/dev running in AWS.

Q: What features of Delphix that work on-premise work in Amazon?

All of the features of the Delphix Engine work both on-premise and in AWS EC2.

Q: What AWS Instance types does Delphix support?

We support the following “Storage Optimized” instance types:

  • i2.2xlarge

  • i2.4xlarge

  • i2.8xlarge

Q: What regions of Amazon do we support?

Currently we support all regions except Sao Paolo. We only support i2; once Sao Paolo supports i2 we will support Sao Paolo as well

That is:

  •  US East (N. Virginia)
  •  US West (Oregon)
  •  US West (Nor Cal)
  •  EU (Ireland)
  •  Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  •  Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  •  Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Q: What sources do we support in AWS?

 Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and AppData. We do not support RDS databases as they do not provide OS level access.

Q: Do we integrate with EBS, Elastic Block Storage?

Yes. Our AMI is an EBS-backed AMI. We use EBS optimized instances in order to provide predictable I/O performance.

Q: What are the Virtual Machine Requirements for AWS?

Please see Best Practices for Using AWS/EC2 Platform

Q: Does Delphix support EC2-Classic?

No, Delphix only supports EC2-VPC since the instance will run in in a isolated virtual private cloud only associated with your account.

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