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Upgrading or Changing ORACLE HOME for vPDB or PDB dSource (KBA1799)



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Currently the functionality to change the ORACLE_HOME due to patching or otherwise does not exist in the Delphix Administration application (GUI) for vPDB or PDB dSources. If you navigate to Datasets, select a vPDB or a PDB dSource, then select the Ellipsis from the upper right hand corner, and select Upgrade, nothing changes. 


To upgrade the ORACLE_HOME after PSU for dSource CDB/PDB:

  1. Clone the new ORACLE_HOME.
  2. Run an environment refresh from the Delphix Engine and make sure the new ORACLE_HOME shows under the Database tab for the environment.
  3. Patch the new ORACLE_HOME per Oracle instructions.
  4. Upgrade the CDB using the CLI as a delphix_admin user. 
    Example using my internal RAC dSource CDB/PDB named CDOMLOSR9FB7/CDOMLOSR9FB7PDB1:

First make note of the existing sourceconfig settings for the CDB:

sd-dEngine5240.dcenter> sourceconfig
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig> ls
boaCDB '/u01/app/ora12201/product/12.2.0/dbhome_1' true
CDOMLOSR9FB7 '/u01/app/oracle/product/' true
boaPDB '/u01/app/ora12201/product/12.2.0/dbhome_1' true
CDOMLOSR9FB7PDB1 '/u01/app/oracle/product/' true

sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig> select CDOMLOSR9FB7
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig 'CDOMLOSR9FB7'> ls
 type: OracleRACConfig
 cdbType: ROOT_CDB
 type: PasswordCredential
 password: ********
 crsDatabaseName: CDOMLOSR9FB7
 databaseName: CDOMLOSR
 discovered: true
 environmentUser: acrac2/oracle
 type: OracleRACInstance
 instanceName: CDOMLOSR9FB71
 instanceNumber: 1
 node: acrac1
 type: OracleRACInstance
 instanceName: CDOMLOSR9FB72
 instanceNumber: 2
 node: acrac2
 linkingEnabled: true
 nonSysCredentials: (unset)
 nonSysUser: (unset)
 reference: ORACLE_RAC_CONFIG-70
 repository: '/u01/app/oracle/product/'
 type: OracleService
 discovered: true
 jdbcConnectionString: jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ENABLE=broken)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(
 uniqueName: CDOMLOSR9FB7
 user: c##delphix

Perform the upgrade from source using the correct sourceConfig type and repository for the CDB:

sd-dEngine5240.dcenter source> select CDOMLOSR9FB7
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter source 'CDOMLOSR9FB7'> upgrade
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter source 'CDOMLOSR9FB7' upgrade *> set sourceConfig.type=OracleRACConfig
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter source 'CDOMLOSR9FB7' upgrade *> set sourceConfig.repository=acrac2/'/u01/app/oracle/product/' 
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter source 'CDOMLOSR9FB7' upgrade *> commit;
 Dispatched job JOB-1736
 SOURCE_UPGRADE job started for "CDOMLOSR9FB7".
 SOURCE_UPGRADE job for "CDOMLOSR9FB7" completed successfully.

Now the dSource PDB and CDB should both show the correct ORACLE_HOME under datasets->Configuration tab.

To update the ORACLE_HOME for the vCDB/vPDB, you will perform an update of the sourceConfig repository on the vCDB. Example below is for boaCDB/boaPDB vCDB/vPDB.

1.  Clone and patch the new ORACLE_HOME on the target environment.
2.  Refresh the environment in Delphix to pick up the new ORACLE_HOME.
3.  Disable the vPDB from the Delphix GUI using Datasets->Disable
4.  Login to the Delphix CLI using a delphix_admin account.

sd-dEngine5240.dcenter> cd sourceconfig
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig> select boaCDB
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig 'boaCDB'> update
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig 'boaCDB' update *> set repository='/u01/app/ora12201/product/12.2.0/dbhome_patch'
sd-dEngine5240.dcenter sourceconfig 'boaCDB' update *> commit

5. Enable the vPDB from Datasets->Enable. 

Additional Information

We have an issue created to have this functionality fixed in the GUI.

For non-CDB/PDB dSources use the following documentation to upgrade Oracle in Delphix:

For non-CDB/PDB VDBs use the following documentation to upgrade Oracle in Delphix: