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How to resolve "Error: Archive logs cannot be retrieved due to deletion"


Received the following error: Archive logs cannot be retrieved due to deletion

This leads to the inability to provision from a Snapshot.

The root cause of this is that in order to make Snapshots consistent, the archive logs that are generated during the SnapSync operation are required to be able to take a Snapshot; this error occurs because those archive logs were either deleted, moved or back up before the Delphix Engine could make a copy.


Option 1:

Retrieve the deleted/moved archive logs and make them available to the Delphix Engine using the Timeflow Repair Operation in the CLI or GUI to copy the archive logs into the Delphix Engine.

Option 2:

Take another Snapshot which is consistent with the data you want and provision a virtual database (VDB) from that; once you create the new Snapshot you can safely ignore the fault.

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