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How to Transition to Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) (KBA1035)



Follow all Oracle documentation.


This operation can involve exporting and importing data from the various tablespaces in the production database.

Use Delphix version 4.2.x or higher.

Steps to follow for Delphix

  1. Verify that space on the DE before moving forward with the Oracle portion. Note: that in the least likely outcome all the blocks will be changed in the database and will take up new space on the Delphix Engine.
  2. Run a SnapSync on the dSource(s) that is/are being transitioned (Click on the camera icon on the dSource)
  3. Disable the dSource(s) (Flip dSource card and toggle switch to 'Disabled')
  4. Complete the steps as outlined by Oracle, which may include:
    1. Disable the database archive log
    2. Export the database 
    3. Drop all database tablespaces 
    4. Build tablespaces with encryption 
    5. Import the data back
    6. Enable archive log mode
  5.  Do a full SnapSync of the dSource (How to force a full backup)

    ssh delphix_admin@yourengine
    delphix > database
    delphix database > select <dSource>
    delphix database "dSource" > sync
    delphix database "dSource" sync * > set forceFullBackup=true
    delphix database "dSource" sync * > true

    * Note, this is like doing an initial SnapSync on a dSource and as such may take some time

  6. Enable dSource (Flip dSource card and toggle switch to 'Enabled')

  7. A post (or pre) step is to install/copy the wallet and do the appropriate setup on the target server's ORACLE_HOMEs as required to provision virtual databases (VDBs) to those Target Environments.