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Troubleshooting SQL Server VDBs stuck in the "Stopping virtual database" phase of a refresh or rollback job (KBA8067)



KBA# 8067

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Troubleshooting when SQL Server VDB is stuck in the Stopping virtual database phase of a refresh or rollback job

When running a provision task on a SQL Server VDB such as a refresh, rollback or rewind, one of the first things done to the VDB after validating the VDB is in fact a VDB (as opposed to a non-Delphix database) is to stop the VDB so it can be offlined and dropped off the SQL Server in preparation of removing the Delphix storage and ultimately to provision a new VDB to take its place.

On rare occasions this job can be stuck on the job event tagged as "Stopping virtual database".  Normally, this event takes a few seconds or at most a few minutes.  If you see this event sticking around past an hour then you need to check on the SQL Server to find out what is happening. Usually when this happens it might be stuck when issuing an OFFLINE command (To be continued)




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