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KBA1613 Resolving iSCSI LUN Discovery Failures on Windows Machines


iSCSI LUN discovery fails


As part of linking and provisioning, Delphix exports iSCSI LUNs to Windows PPT and target hosts. Then Delphix runs LUN discovery scripts on the remote hosts to find the disks that are exported from Delphix and then mounts them locally on the Windows machine. The pathology being described here happens when there are iSCSI target sessions in the "Reconnecting" state on the Windows machine, these can be seen in the "iSCSI Initiator" GUI ->Targets -> Discovered Targets -> Status field.

In the presence of these zombie targets, the iSCSI initiator might have problems detecting new LUNs exported to it from currently active targets.  (Also described here:


For Delphix, it should be sufficient to just disconnect the "Reconnecting" targets. We will add the right target anyways the next time we want to mount a LUN on that Windows machine.