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Changing a dSource User Type from 'Domain User with Password Credential' (KBA8362)



KBA# 8362

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How to Change dSource User Type from a 'Domain User with Password Credential'

If an MSSQL dSource is currently set with a "Domain User with Password Credential" user type, it is not possible to set the user type to an Environment User through the graphical user interface (GUI).

This can be checked through the GUI, by clicking the pencil icon of the Database section of the source configuration of a dSource.


After clicking the pencil icon, you will see that the credential type is not supported by the GUI.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


To Change dSource User Type from 'Domain User with Password Credential' to Environment User

  1. Connect to the engine via ssh.
ssh <admin-user>@<engine-hostname>
  1. Switch to the sourceconfig section.
engine-hostname> sourceconfig
  1. Select the sourceconfig for the dSource. 
engine-hostname sourceconfig> select test_ag/testSource
  1. Start an update.
engine-hostname sourceconfig 'test_ag/testSource'> update
  1. Set the user type to environment user.
engine-hostname sourceconfig 'test_ag/testSource' update *> set mssqlUser.type=MSSqlEnvironmentUser
  1. Set the correct environment user.
engine-hostname sourceconfig 'test_ag/testSource' update *> set\test_user
  1. Commit the change.
engine-hostname sourceconfig 'test_ag/testSource' update *> commit

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