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Preparing for a Delphix Upgrade


Delphix Dynamic Data Platform (formerly called Delphix Engine) software upgrades are currently managed and conducted by Delphix Support. Some upgrades will require a reboot of the platform and may require scheduling downtime for virtual databases (VDBs) hosted by the Platform.

Typically, the upgrade itself will be conducted during a WebEx session during which the customer needs to be available. The time required to complete an upgrade varies depending on the number of dSources and VDBs on the platform. We recommend allowing two hours per Platform for upgrade. If an upgrade requires a platform reboot to activate, then you will need to schedule a window of downtime coinciding with the upgrade.

Process Steps 

Step 1. File a Support Case For Each Platform That Is To Be Upgraded

These support cases will be used to track the scheduling and completion of each upgrade. In the event that five or more Platforms need to be upgraded on a single day, a Support Manager will contact you to confirm scheduling details and to marshal any necessary resources. When creating a support case, please be sure to indicate in the Subject the host name of the platform and the version of Delphix that you would like to upgrade to. 

Please plan to file a support case at least two business days prior to the upgrade. This provides time for Delphix to validate system data from the Platform and determine if any special handling is needed before or during the upgrade. 

Step 2. Upload a Support Bundle 

See the related document How to Create and Upload Support Logs for more information. Be sure to include the case number from Step 1 above to ensure that the bundle is associated with the related upgrade support case. If the case number is included with the support bundle, the Delphix support agent assigned to the case will automatically be notified once the bundle is available. Otherwise, please update the case with the support bundle details once the upload has been completed.

Once Delphix has received the support bundle, the bundle will be analyzed to determine if extra steps are required before, during, or after the upgrade. 

Step 3. Wait for Validation to Complete

Once the support bundle data has been evaluated, the Delphix support agent assigned to the case will update the case and confirm that the upgrade is ready to proceed. The agent will also schedule a WebEx session.

Step 4. Preparing for the Upgrade Session

To ensure for an efficient and fast upgrade process:

  • Download the upgrade image. See How to upload an upgrade image to a Delphix Engine for more information. 
  • Perform a refresh of all host environments and review any faults associated; this will ensure there are no host communication issues.
  • Ensure that all database and environment usernames and passwords are known/available
  • In case any issues arise, administrative access to your hypervisor console may be required during the upgrade window; please ensure that you have this access, or your administrator will be available for the upgrade window.

After the Upgrade

Upload a new support bundle, as per Step 2 above. This will refresh Delphix's records about the Platform and establish a new baseline of information about the system for any future activity.





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