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KBA1639 How to resolve error: "Cannot read archived log due to failure of log shipping script



Received the following error:

<Delphix Object>

Title: Cannot read archived log due to failure of log shipping script 
Details: LogSync of database <Database> failed executing shipping script /home/delphixtoolkit-devkitDelphix_42022917_c658_3027_cf45_a7a8511c7bdf_delphix_host/toolkits/link/oracle/common on host XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with following error 
C3Result: command=binsh homedelphixtoolkit-devkitDelphix_42022917_c658_3027_cf45_a7a8511c7bdf_delphix_host/toolkits/link/oracle/ 
C3Result: status=FAILURE 
C3Result: exitCode=1 
C3Result: stderr=
C3Result: stdout=

User Action Review error for possible causes, contact Delphix support if needed.

This indicates that the program used by LogSync to copy a log file from the source system to the Delphix engine encountered an error and failed to complete the operation. However, this action is repeated several times automatically by LogSync so this does not indicate a log file was missed. 


Verify that Logsync has continued to work after the time of the error, check the status for the dSource says "LogSync ACTIVE" and also review the "End Stamp" in the latest snapshot card and ensure it's moving forward as logs are copied over.


If Logsync is working normally, mark it as 'Resolved' in the GUI. In a future version of Delphix, this error should be resolved automatically once the log has been retrieved via enhancement DLPX-38908. 

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