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KBA1443 How To Address "Command 'lsnrctl status' existed with a non-zero exit code"


Applicable Delphix Versions

  • 5.0
  • 4.3
  • 4.2


Received the following warning:


Nov 09, 2016 1:55 AM


Title: Command exited with a non-zero status

Details: Command 'lsnrctl status' exited with a non-zero exit code:

User Action: Check the exit status of the command when run by the Delphix OS user.



Verify that the .bashrc file is correctly configured as this warning can be a false positive in versions older than 5.1.x. If it is correctly configured, then verify if you can manually run 'lsnrctl status', it is safe to mark the faults as "Ignore" and they will not then recur for the same object. Note: this will have to be done on each object that throws the error. If it will not run normally on the command line manually, troubleshoot as a normal Oracle configuration issue.


Make sure that when logged on as the delphix_os account 'lsnrctl status'  the following to the .bash_profile is added correctly:



. oraenv

If this is done then the fault can be ignored; do not mark as 'Resolved' as every time the Universal Environment Monitor (UEM) runs the error will return. 

A full resolution is available in 5.1. To discontinue getting this error either mark as 'Ignore' or upgrade to Delphix Engine v5.1.

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