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KBA1148 Slow and/or missing elements in the GUI



  • GUI is loading very slowly or not at all
  • GUI interface is partially displayed
  • Missing elements in the GUI (ex. Databases not listed)


Determine if this is a browser issue, clearing up cookies and cache.
If the error persist, try another client.
If it's impossible to reach the GUI from either http/https, please check if you can access the Delphix engine from CLI.
In that works for you, contact your network admin to understand if there are ongoing networking issues


Common issues are solved by clearing up cookies and browser cache or they're related to the client itself.
If issues persist, you may want to try to restart the Delphix Management interface using the following procedure: (Please note: VDBs will stay up and running during the GUI restart, however it's best to be check that no jobs are running before try this method, as they will be cancelled).

  • Generate a support bundle, if you would like this issue to be investigated. Please open a case and attach the case number.

    From the GUI, please follow this document in order to upload a support bundle:

    From CLI:  

    Please note: this procedure will fail if your Delphix engine doesn't have internet access, however a support engineering can assist you with retrieving the generated support bundle

    ssh sysadmin@[Delphix engine hostname or IP address] 
    delphix> cd /service/support/bundle
    delphix service support bundle> upload
    delphix service support bundle upload *> set caseNumber=9999
    delphix service support bundle upload *> ls
        type: SupportBundleUploadParameters
        caseNumber: 9999 (*)
    delphix service support bundle upload *> commit
  • Check if there are running jobs from either GUI (Actions panel) or from CLI (check the JOBSTATE column):

    ssh delphix_admin@[Delphix engine hostname or IP address]
    delphix> /job/list

    If there are jobs running, it's best to wait for their completion. 

  • Restart the management interface stack (GUI) (Please note: it can take up to 10 minutes before you can access again the GUI after the "commit" command)

    ssh sysadmin@[Delphix engine hostname or IP address]
    delphix> system/restart
    delphix system restart *> commit
    Restarting the management service. The current session will be re-established once the "service is available.
  • Check that you can access the GUI as usual, otherwise either update the case (if you have already opened one) or open a new case.