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KBA1128 How to resolve: This operation is not permitted on a source that has never been opened by the Delphix Engine



By default, when you enable a virtual database (VDB), the Delphix Engine attempts to start it,


If you have selected option to not "open database" upon provisioning and then try and enable the VDB it can fail with the error shown in the image below:


  1. Login to the CLI as 'delphix_admin@DOMAIN' user
  2. Go to 'source'
  3. Do an 'ls' to view all databases.
  4. Select the VDB you need to enable. 
  5. Start a new 'enable' operation and edit the property of 'attemptStart' to false.
  6. Commit the changes.


kfc-4220.dcenter> source
kfc-4220.dcenter > ls
kfc-4220.dcenter source> select Vdb_notopen
kfc-4220.dcenter source 'Vdb_notopen'> enable
kfc-4220.dcenter source 'Vdb_notopen' enable *> set attemptStart=false
kfc-4220.dcenter source 'Vdb_notopen' enable *> commit

From this point you can use GUI to enable the VDB.