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KBA1057 Troubleshooting VDB Connectivity - Delphix Engine Restart


  • As Delphix presents all database mounts over NFS for provisioning virtual database (VDB), these mounts would be stale if Engine Reboots...

  • In this situation, VDB instance might be running until database timeout kicks-in (typically 15 minutes), but all the read-write operations would be queued up and it would not be usable.  The VDB status in Delphix finally would show with “Inactive” status...

  • To resolve this situation, VDB needs to be re-started using either the graphical user-interface (GUI) or command-line interface (CLI) option. In some situations, those stale NFS mounts would not get cleaned up on Target server and trying to start VDB would throw following error:


In that situation, first try to enable/disable VDB and then check if the stale NFS mounts are cleared, otherwise work with your UNIX/Linux SysAdmin team to clear those mount points and afterwards re-try starting the VDB using Delphix.

Note:  VDB cannot be started from Target server directly as database mounts are unavailable in the condition described.