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KBA1010 How to Upload an Upgrade Image to a Delphix Engine


While upgrading an engine needs to be performed by a Delphix Support Engineer, users are still able to upload the upgrade image itself onto their engines. In order to perform this procedure, access to the sysadmin account is required.


This is only applicable to Delphix Engine versions 4.2.x and newer.

Know the syadmin username and password.


Upgrade files are available on the Delphix download siteThe procedure for uploading an upgrade version to the Delphix Engine is:

  1. Download an upgrade version from the Delphix download site to a directory that is visible from the host running the web browser.
  2. Login to the Server Setup application.
  3. In the System Upgrade Management panel, click View.
  4. Click the up arrow to upload a new version.
  5. A file dialog will popup. Select the upgrade version you downloaded from the download site.

Once the file has been uploaded to the Delphix Engine, it will be unpacked in the background and ultimately displayed in the list of versions on the left-hand side of the System Upgrade Management screen.

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