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KBA1537 Steps to add a template to a Virtual Database (VDB) post-creation



During the initial provision of a VDB the User Interfaces provides an opportunity to configure a template. In Delphix Engine version and earlier, if this option is not used, following successful provision there are no further avenues to assign a template via the User Interface. The only way to assign a template which will persist with the virtual database (VDB) through a refresh is to complete an operation via the Command Line Interface (CLI). 


Following are the steps required to configure a template against a VDB post-creation:

ssh into your delphix engine using delphix_admin
delphix > source
delphix source > ls
delphix source > select "example_vdb"
delphix source "example_vdb" > update
delphix source "example_vdb" update* > set sourceconfigTemplate="vdb_template"
delphix source "example_vdb" update* > commit


This issue is fully resolved in Delphix Engine and later releases.  

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