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How to Change dSource Servers

*please note that some of these steps are CLI only



  1. Unlink/Deatch dSource from the old Database
    1. Log into the Delphix Admin application as a user with OWNER privileges on the dSource, group, or domain.
    2. Select Manage >Databases > My Databases.
    3. Select the database you want to unlink or delete.
    4. Click the Unlink icon.
      A warning message will appear. Click Yes
  2. Bring down the old Database
  3. Refresh the Environment where the old Database resides
  4. Refresh the new Environment where the new database resides
  5. Attach the dSource from the CLI
    1. Select the dSource
    2. Run the attachSource command
    3. Set the config to point to an unlinked Source
      1. make sure to set the following configurations:
        2. source.config=
        3. environmentUser=
        4. dbUser=
        5. dbCredentials.password=
    4. commit the operation.
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