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KBA1449 Environment validation failure when using a customized Privilege Elevation Profile



In some instances, erratic behavior is encountered when customized Privilege Elevation Profiles are enabled.  The symptoms of this behavior vary depending on platform and OS revision.  Some examples of variants encountered by Delphix Support are provided below, but this is not an exhaustive list.

Red Hat, Solaris:

dlpx_pfexec: line ##: syntax error: unexpected end of file      


dlpx_pfexec: syntax error at line ##: `>' unmatched;

In these instances, the line number reported may be beyond the end of file.


When this error is encountered, the typical troubleshooting process includes reviewing the details of the dlpx_pfexec file distributed in the Delphix toolkit, though in these instances there is no visible issue; the script contents appear to be consistent and no format or syntax issues are apparent.


This behavior can be encountered when the contents of dlpx_pfexec were customized on multiple engines, and the script contents are "cut-and-pasted" into a VI session by the Delphix Services or Support engineer.  When this happens, there can be issues with tab-space conversion, and the script is ultimately saved with hidden character issues.  

When this behavior is encountered, Delphix Professional Services should be re-engaged to update the profiles as needed.  If the Services representative is not available, a Support case may be opened to assist in engagement.

Additional Information

Customized Privilege Elevation Profiles are used when the platform-standard 'sudo' is replaced with an alternative, such as sesudo, BoKS (suexec), pbrun.  In these instances, the dlpx_pfexec script must be updated to call the substitute privilege elevation mechanism, and any required flags for execution.