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KBA1752 Canceling a Job Fails or Hangs



Applicable Delphix Versions


Major Release

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5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


The cancel job waits for the next action of the job to complete before actioning the cancel. This can lead to the situation where if the job is hung due to a hook script fail for example, then the cancel will not work. 




In this case, the quickest option will be to restart the management service.

You can do this in the CLI, see example below:

ssh sysadmin@delphixengine

delphixengine> system
delphixengine system> restart
delphixengine system restart *> commit
Restarting the management service. The current session will be re-established once the service is available.
delphixengine system>

Please note this will cancel any running jobs on the Delphix engine such as refresh, snap sync etc and the GUI will go offline until the service restarts. So please wait for any other running jobs to complete before attempting it. This process should not impact running VDB's and It will take about 5-10 minute to complete.

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