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Resolving API Error “JSDataContainerCreateParameters is an abstract type” (KBA3810)




KBA# 3810

When programming for compatibility, the API version number is very important. You need to be aware of differences between versions. For example, if you specify a 1.8.0 version, the available calls and functionality for that 1.8.0 version ONLY will be used.

Troubleshooting "Check Your Input Parameters and Try Again...JSDataContainerCreateParameters is an abstract type"

The following error occurs when trying to use the JSDataContainerCreateParameters type with the Delphix Virtualization Engine API versions 1.8.2 or above.

{"type":"ErrorResult","status":"ERROR","error":{"type":"APIError","details":{"type":{"details":"Object type \"JSDataContainerCreateParameters\" is an abstract type. Expected a concrete type derived from \"TypedObject\".","action":null,"id":"exception.validation.object.type.abstract","commandOutput":null,"diagnoses":null}},"action":"Check your input parameters and try again.","id":"exception.validation.bad.input","commandOutput":null,"diagnoses":null}}


The type JSDataContainerCreateParameters was renamed to “JSDataContainerCreateWithRefreshParameters”  in API versions 1.8.2+ .

Since the API is backwards compatible, you can use the old name (JSDataContainerCreateParameters) if the API version in use is older than 1.8.2. But if you want to upgrade to a more recent version you must use the new name JSDataContainerCreateWithRefreshParameters.