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FAQ: Self-Service for the End User (KBA3911)




KBA# 3911

Delphix Self-Service is not working in my browser.

Please check your browser to ensure that it properly supports HTML5. Some older browsers, like IE8, do not and will not work properly with Delphix Self-Service. You can use one of the many HTML5 test websites on the Internet to test your browser. 

My Delphix Self-Service environment shows “Attempt Recovery” at login. What does this mean and what should I do? 

This is an indication that the operation you were trying to do, and the automatic attempt to recover, have failed. This may be indicative of a host or listener being down, resource contention on the host, or something more serious. If you can reach the host(s) your Container relates to and there aren’t any obvious problems, you should contact your Delphix Administrator for further assistance. 

Can I share my Container with another user?  

As of release 5.0, Containers can be owned by multiple individuals. Prior to 5.x, your Delphix Administrator can provide a login for multiple people to use if the goal is to have multiple owners. Also, if you just want to share the current state of your Container, you can create a Bookmark on the timeline, share it and provide the name to the other individual(s). 

I want to “Refresh” from the Template but not from the latest data.
How do I Refresh from a specific point? 

To Restore a specific point on the Template, you’ll need to select it from the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen. Once you’ve selected the Template, you can either select a point on either the Branch Timeline or the Container Timeline, click on the *Restore* icon. You will then be prompted with a dialog allowing you to choose which Container you would like to restore to. 

If I pick a time on the Template from which to Refresh my Container, why aren’t all of my sources at exactly the same time? 

Due to the way Delphix ingests data, and the configuration options your Delphix Administrator may have chosen, it’s possible that Delphix Self-Service will not be able to match the exact time on each object in your Container. In that case, it will provide the closest point in time for each source to the time you selected. If you need more granularity, your Delphix Administrator may be able to modify the configuration for the individual sources to get what you need in the future. 

I’m trying to Rewind to an earlier point on my timeline and it says: “Retention has removed data for this point in time”.
What does that mean? 

Your Delphix Administrator has the ability to set data retention policies for how long to keep data. Once that time has passed, Delphix will automatically remove older data. Data associated with Bookmarks will be kept until the Bookmark is deleted. Branches will not be removed by retention either, although some of the Snapshots associated with them may be.

What should I be aware of to be a good Delphix Self-Service consumer?  

As a user of Delphix Self-Service, the biggest thing to be aware of is how your behavior impacts data retention. When you no longer need Bookmarks or Branches, please delete them in order to free up space for other users. Also, when possible, refreshing older branches can also help free space. 

How do I create/delete a new Container in Delphix Self-Service?  

Your Delphix Administrator will need to create your new Container for you. There are some initial steps that will need to be performed before the Container can be made available. Similarly, they will need to remove the Container if you are finished with it.

How many Branches/Bookmarks can I create? 

While there isn’t a practical limit, please be cognizant of the impacts that has upon shared storage. Bookmarks and Branches can both hold on to storage that would otherwise be released back to other uses. 

I want to create hooks between Delphix and an external tool or version control system. Does Delphix support this? 

Delphix has a robust API that should allow you to build any integration you may need with your external tools. You can find the API reference in the Web Service API Guide section of our documentation.

I think I’ve found a bug with Delphix Self-Service. Next Steps?  

If you think Delphix Self-Service has a problem, please let your Delphix Administrator know. They’ll be able to determine if there is something wrong with the configuration or if there is a problem with the tool. If there is a problem, they’ll be able to open an issue with Delphix Support to get it resolved.