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Determining the Duration of Self-Service Initiated Jobs (KBA8325)




KBA# 8325

Applicable Delphix Versions

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How to Determine the Duration of Self-Service Initiated Jobs

A self-service user may want to determine whether a job initiated from the self-service interface has completed and the time required for the job. The following steps outline how to determine this data.

To determine the duration of self-service initiated jobs and check they have completed

  1. The start time for the job can be found on the history tab. In the example below we can see start times for a Restore and Refresh job initiated from Self-Service

  1. You can confirm a job has completed on the Timeline tab. The icon used on the timeline will match the icon of the button used to start the job. In the example below, we can see the Restore job has completed.

  1. To determine the time a job completed, hover over the icon. The tooltip will then display the time/date the job completed. You can see the Refresh job below completed at 10:04:19 on 2021-10-22.