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KBA1358 Delphix Reporting (Mission Control) KVM (CloudStack) Installation Details


This document is for internal use only.



Applicable Mission Control Versions



This document provides the details for deployment of Mission Control in a KVM Hypervisor environment. Currently, this is only supported for Apple, and all other KVM distributions and documentation has been pulled from public documentation site.

The .qcow2 distribution is available on the download site, but ACL restricts access to Apple only.  This should not be altered.

Beyond the initial VM deployment, all other aspects of Mission Control configuration and management are standard, and the available documentation can be used.

Installation Instructions

If your organization uses Cloudstack instead of VMWare, you can still use Mission Control. After locating the qcow2 image on the Delphix download site, follow the steps below to configure Mission Control:

  1. Launch the Cloudstack UI

  2. Create a new template (Register Template) with the following parameters:

    • Name: <any name>

    • Description: <any description>

    • URL: <url_to_the_qcow2_image>

    • Zone: <any name>

    • Hypervisor: KVM

    • Format: QCOW2

    • OS Type: CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)

  3. Wait for the template to be downloaded and installed into the appropriate zone(s) and for the status to be Ready

  4. Go to Instances and “Add Instance”

  5. Select a Zone for Mission Control to run in and select “Template”

  6. Select the template you just created

  7. Choose a Compute Offering (should have at least 2 CPU cores with 4GB of memory)

  8. For Disk Offering, do not add any additional disks

  9. Select any affinity groups you want this VM to belong to

  10. Select a security group

  11. Give the new instance a name

  12. Launch the VM

  13. The Mission Control web application should be accessible via the assigned IP, and the public documentation can be used to complete initial setup.