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Troubleshooting a Non-Responsive Delphix Reporting / Mission Control Web Interface (KBA5677)




KBA# 5677

Applicable Delphix Reporting / Mission Control Versions

This article applies the the following Delphix Reporting versions:

Major Release All Sub Releases
2.0 All
1.5 All

Delphix Reporting

Delphix Reporting, formerly known as Mission Control, is delivered to customers as an OVA in versions and and with a script installer for upgrade to

Delphix Reporting is installed as a Linux RPM with the name delphix-reporting. The RPM includes a start and stop service.

Delphix Central Management will replace Delphix Reporting. In the meantime, for the limited number of installations still in use by customers, this document sets out what data is required when the web interface is nonresponsive.

General Questions 

  • Was this ever working?
  • When did someone last access Delphix Reporting?
  • What changes were made (to the environment)?
  • Are there any known / current network issues (including DNS) which may be impacting the ability to connect to Delphix Reporting?
  • Is the virtual machine where Delphix Reporting resides online and accessible? Can you putty to the system and connect as a user, e.g. root?

Data to Collect

1. Can you ping the IP address of the Delphix Reporting server?

[root@mission-control ~]# ping <IP_address>

2. Can you ping the DNS name of the Delphix Reporting server?

[root@mission-control ~]# ping <DNS_name>

4. Is the network service up?

[root@mission-control ~]# service network status

What is the status of the web application and collector?

[root@mission-control ~]# service delphix-webapp status
[root@mission-control ~]# service delphix-collector status

Collect support logs from the Reporting server; this can be accomplished using a script provided in the VM

# /opt/delphix/bin/

Provide output from the following command:

# ps -ef > process_listing.out​

If this installation of Delphix Reporting is 1.5 or 2.0, then the Reporting framework will be behind an NGINX installation (which takes care of SSL keys and routing). In this case, add NGINX to the service checklist:

# service nginx status