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Delphix Reporting Upgrade Fails During Execution of "" (KBA7678)




KBA# 7678



During the application of the Delphix Reporting upgrade script, the script may fail if the Reporting VM does not have external internet access:

Installing dependencies...
Rebuild fibers modules for Centos ... /opt/delphix/webapp/ Failed to install node-gyp
+ die 'Failed to run post-install script'
+ echo 'Failed to run post-install script'
Failed to run post-install script
+ exit 1 


Applicable Delphix Reporting Versions

Click here to view the versions of the Delphix Reporting installation to which this article applies
Major Release All Sub Releases
2.0 2.0


There are two possible solutions to resolve the post-install script issue:

- External network access can be configured, either direct or via proxy.  If a proxy is available, it can be configured for the VM by setting the HTTPS_PROXY or https_proxy or HTTP_PROXY or http_proxy environment variables.

- If network access is unavailable, the packages required for post-install can be manually transferred to the VM, along with a modified script, which is discussed in the process below.

Install with Offline Packages

  1. Log in to the Reporting VM as root, execute the following commands to relocate the default node-gyp-6.1.0 package and script:

    mv /opt/delphix/libs/node-gyp-6.1.0.tgz ~/node-gyp-6.1.0.tgz.orig
    mv /opt/delphix/webapp/ ~/
  2. Transfer the three files attached to this Knowledge Base Article (node-gyp-6.1.0.tgz, node-v8.11.2-headers.tar.gz, to the Reporting VM using SCP:

    scp node-gyp-6.1.0.tgz root@<ReportingVMHostname>:/opt/delphix/libs/
    scp node-v8.11.2-headers.tar.gz root@<ReportingVMHostname>:/opt/delphix/libs/
    scp root@d<ReportingVMHostname>:/opt/delphix/webapp/
  3. Confirm the files exist in the expected locations and file sizes match:

    [root@delphix-reporting ~]# ls -l /opt/delphix/libs/node*
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1702522 May 14 15:29 node-gyp-6.1.0.tgz
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root  500372 May 14 15:30 node-v8.11.2-headers.tar.gz
    [root@delphix-reporting ~]# ls -l /opt/delphix/webapp/post*
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6301 May 14 15:30 /opt/delphix/webapp/​
  4. Execute the updated install script:

    sh /opt/delphix/webapp/

    This should complete without encountering the same stall or error previously observed:

    [root@delphix-reporting ~]# sh /opt/delphix/webapp/
    Start generating encryption keys...
    Encryption keys exist already. Exiting.
    g++ installed
    Re-build fibers module for Centos ... Done
  5. Once this is complete, the VM is fully upgraded to and no further issues should be expected. The Reporting services delphix-collector and delphix-webapp can be restarted manually, or reboot the VM to ensure the most current components are active. Had the upgrade script initially executed successfully, it would have performed these actions.

    service delphix-collector restart
    service delphix-webapp restart




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