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Using Multi Tenant to Create a Masking Job (KBA1722)


The Agile Data Masking engine provides the ability to utilize multi-tenant database architecture. The multi-tenant feature is available for Profile, Masking, Certify, and Provisioning jobs.

This feature allows users to re-use existing rule sets to mask an identical schema with a different connection. Please refer to Managing Rulesets for procedures.

Creating a Masking Job Using Multi Tenant Feature

To Create Agile Masking job: 

  1. Enter job name using free form format.
  2. Select Masking Method In-Place.
  3. Select the Multi-Tenant checkbox.
  4. Select Rule Set – use existing ruleset.
  5. Click Save.


To Execute Agile Masking job: 

  1. Click the Run icon (Play icon) in the Action column for the desired job.
  2. After you hit run a dialog box will appear.
    Enter the target environment and the target connector.
  3. Click Run.





 Prior to running the masking job, the Target Environment and Target Connector must be set-up. 

For more information on see Masking documentation.

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