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Password Reset and How to Unlock a Masking User (KBA1556)


Delphix Masking: This article details changing password and remediation steps for unlocking locked user due to an excessive number of failed login attempts.


The Masking Engine (standalone legacy or combined engine) will lock out a user on the 4th unsuccessful login attempt. From this point, another user with Administrator rights (Role) must log in to unlock the user or Support must be engaged to update MDS to remove the lock.

Resolution - Masking Engine (4.2 and higher)

To address this issue a customer may:

  1. Log in using a user with Administrator rights (Role) and navigate to "Admin" tab and click "Users".  
  2. Click the Edit icon for the relevant user.

  3. A "Locked" checkbox selection should appear if the account is locked.  Removing the check from this box and clicking "Save" will unlock the user.


Please log a support call if there are no users with Administrator rights.