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KBA1302 Compliance Engine--Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why am I seeing errors connecting to a database server, and sql exceptions indicating an unsupported character set?

A: There are many character sets available for relational databases to use, and in some cases a character set may not be supported in a default java installation which will throw sql exceptions. It most cases this can be resolved by adding the character set causing the problem to the java installation

Q: I create a table with 2 rows and then set up the masking job, ran it but it failed to mask and came back with an Oracle error(ORA-00936: missing expression); did I forget something?

A:  You most likely don't have a primary key on your table and you are attempting to do in place masking. In place masking is essentially batch updates on a table. The product will read the records and when it is updating, it needs to be able to identify which records to update and fails to do so. Since you are using oracle:

  1. Go To your Ruleset
  2. Edit your Ruleset
  3. Enter ROWID as a logical key

Q: The Monitor job output status is showing wrong status by showing some tables as completed but in RED with warnings.

Try the following:

  1. Cleansing the schema of hundreds of tables that are not being used 
  2. Tuning the profile set to 5 domains
  3. Rebuilding rulesets to include an optimum number of tables
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