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KBA1026 Masking Commit Size Guidelines


Guidelines for setting the Commit Size

The Commit Size determines how many rows are updated/inserted to the database before the transaction is committed. The default Commit Size is 10,000 and is represented as blank value in the Masking Job GUI.  


For most masking jobs the default parameter doesn't need to be changed. A change might improve the performance at most a few percent.

When does this value need to be changed?

If Commit Size needs to be changed, what change is needed depends on:

  • The Database Type
  • The Database Configuration
  • The Masking Job Configuration


Below are some examples when this value might need to be adjusted. 

  • The logfile will fill up, this depends on Database Type and Configuration:
    • The logfile size will determine how many updates/inserts can be held before a commit. 
    • Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 and other have different requirements and limitations. 
  • Masking Job configuration - for example
    • No. of Streams, this value defines how many tables are masked at the same time. With many streams the logfile can fill up quicker. 
  • Performance - i.e.
    • Too frequent (lower number) will degrade performance.
    • Too infrequent (lager number) will degrade performance slightly but will use more resources on the database server. 
    • The best is to run a few Commit Size values and plot the run time to determine which value is optimal. 

For the Database Configuration, please consult your database administrator to determine the most suitable value for your site.