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KBA1016 How to Define XML Data in a CLOB for Masking




 Please note that Local file is on the Masking Engine file system only. To perform this you either need access to FTP/SFTP or support need to assist creating the file on the local file system.


To define an XML schema in the masking engine, follow these steps: 

  1. Import File Format
    1. Save a sample of the XML to an XML file, i.e. sample.xml, and make sure it is well-formed.
    2. Open the Masking Engine in a browser and go to the Settings menu, select File Format, and click the button Import Format.
    3. Fill in the details and click Browse to browse for the file and import the XML file just created.

      The engine now knows how the XML structure and in the Inventory screen you can define the XML schema to your CLOB.
  2. Update Inventory to the the imported XML schema
    1. Go to the Inventory screen and select the Rule Set and table with the CLOB.
    2. Click on Edit on the CLOB containing the XML.
    3. In the Edit Properties screen and in the dropdown User Defined Data Type (at the bottom) select XML Content from file format.
    4. Another dropdown opens called XML formats. (select the file you imported in Step 3 above)
    5. Click Save.

You are now ready to define the masking algorithms to your fields in the XML.