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Collecting Error message, logs and Support Bundle on Masking Engine


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This page has been created to assist in collecting error details and support bundle from the Masking Engine. The page describes how to:

  • Collect Support Bundle 
  • Collect Masking Error from masking execution 
  • Collect Masking logs
  • Collect Masking inventory 
  • Upload collected data to Delphix Support

File Names and Case Number

If you include any relevant case numbers in the file name, it will help us diagnose the issue more quickly. 

Collect Support Bundle

The Support Bundle for the masking engine is available from Combined engines (Masking Engine and Virtualziation Engine on the same OVA). Some older 4.7.x Masking Engines are delivered with the combined Engine and should be able to access the Support Bundle. 

How to access the Virtualization (Delphix) Engine UI?

Change the URL in the browser by removing everything after and including 8282 in the URL path (similar to below - note that the login/index.html is added when the page loads):

URL Masking Engine.png

UR Virtualization Engine.png

Collect Support Bundle

Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Virtualization (Delphix) Engine UI in a browser (see above)
  2. Log in using your id or delphix_admin
  3. Open the menu Help and click Support Logs
  4. Select Transfer or Download
  5. Enter the case number and click Ok 

Collect Masking Error from masking execution

There are two levels of error messages in the UI.

  1. Masking (Main) Job
  2. Masking Transformation Job (one per table)

Usually, it's the second one we are interested in as the job usually failed in the Transformation step.


  • Click on the Transformation error icon for the logs. 

UI_Moniotor Error Transformation Job.png

Collect Masking logs

From UI

In the resent engines, the Masking Logs are accessible from the UI and it is also possible to Export the logs.

In the Masking Engine UI:

  1. Click the Admin Tab.
  2. Click sub menu Logs

A screen similar to the one below should open. From here, either search the error on the screen or export the logs by clicking the Export button.

UI_Log Screen.png

From older version

On older versions - usually called Fast Stack - the logs can be accessed at the logs folder. Depending on OS and version this can be in any of these or similar locations: 

  • Linux
    1. /opt/dmsuite/logs/
    2. /var/dmsuite/logs/
    3. /var/delphix/dmsuite/logs
  • Windows
    • C:\dmsuite\logs

Please tar or zip up both folders and the content in the folder above. 

Collect Masking inventory

The Masking Inventory can be exported and will show columns with indexes and what algorithms have been used. 

This feature is available in all masking versions. 


  1. Go to the Inventory Page
  2. Select the Rule Set
  3. Click Export and save the file 

Upload the collected file to Delphix support (see below).

Upload collected data to Delphix Support

Upload files to the case can be done using the browser in two different ways:

  1. Open the case in the browser and drag and drop the file into the case.
  2. Using site

The first option is available for files up to 20 MB in size.

For the second option, upload the file to the Delphix Support website to be reviewed by support personnel. 

We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10 or newer to perform the upload.

  1. In your Web browser, go to
  2. Enter the Case number (optional, but notification is added to the case specified once the support bundle has reached
  3. Click Add Files and browse to the support bundle file.
    You can also drag the file directly onto the upload screen and it will automatically begin to upload.  
  4. After selecting the file, click Start Upload.

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