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KBA1134 Cross Platform Provisioning - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can the Oracle minor release version be different? i.e on the source and on staging? 

No, they need to be the same version.

Q: For the OS on the staging host, can the OS version be different?  Do we need exact same patch levels?

The provision wizard looks for same version OS, it will not find other versions. The OS check does not validate the patches, if Oracle does not require the patch, then it is not needed.

Q: What doesn't work for the staging server configuration?

Essentially you need to be able to provision a VDB to the Staging Server. As long as those requirements are met you will be fine. One thing to note is that when Delphix provisions the staging VDB, it does so with the default configuration of the container that it is provisioned from. This means that the staging server should be able to accommodate the specified db configuration params that are specified by default. If not, an easy workaround is to provision a VDB with the desired parameters and to XPP from it.

Q: Can the Staging Pre-Provisioning Server be on a Higer Patch level of Oracle than the Source. For example if the source has Oracle can the Staging Server be on Oracle ?

The versions do need to match.

Q:  If our Source is SPARC/Solaris based Oracle, Can we used x86 based Solaris VMs as Target Servers or Pre-Provisioning Staging Server ?

The PPT must match the source and target must be Linux. Currently we only support Unix to Linux

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