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KBA1061 What are the Network Security Updates with SnapSync over DSP



Delphix Session Protocol, or DSP, is a communication protocol that operates at the session and presentation layer in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

The Delphix Engine backup process is launched on the production system via SSH. 

A DSP session may include one or more TCP connections for improved scalability. Each connection in a DSP session is independently authenticated during the session login handshake. After a connection is lost, it will be required to authenticate once again before it is allowed to rejoin the session. The authentication phase is always protected with SSL. The DSP session may also be encrypted for data privacy.

The Delphix Engine backup process running on the production system opens one or more TCP connections to the Delphix Engine at the DSP port 8415. It also opens a JDBC connection to the source database at the JDBC port (usually 1521).  Except for the DSP connections, all connections are local to the production system.

Example port listing from a running SnapSync instance:

[root@bbdhcp ~]# /usr/sbin/lsof -i -n -P | grep java
java 13466 ora10205 61u IPv6 98992890 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
java 13466 ora10205 64u IPv6 98992899 TCP (LISTEN)
java 13466 ora10205 65u IPv6 98992993 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
java 13466 ora10205 68u IPv6 98992931 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
java 13466 ora10205 69u IPv6 98993519 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)