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Update TLS protocol version used by the Delphix Virtualization Engine (KBA1381)





Applicable Delphix Versions

  • 5.1


This article describes how to configure the version of the TLS protocol used by the virtualization engine for its HTTPs endpoint. This operation is possible since the release of the virtualization engine.


  1. Log in to the Delphix Engine as the sysadmin user and switch to the httpConnector context.  Then use the get command to review the current settings

    delphix> service httpConnector
    delphix service httpConnector> get
    type: HttpConnectorConfig
    httpMode: BOTH
    tlsVersions: SSLv3,TLSv1,TLSv1_1,TLSv1_2 

  2. Run the update command and choose a version of the TLS protocol

    delphix service httpConnector> update
    delphix service httpConnector update *> set tlsVersions=TLSv1_2 

  3. Commit the operation. Note that committing the operation will cause the virtualization engine application to restart making the CLI and UI unavailable for a short period of time.

    delphix service httpConnector update *> commit
    delphix service httpConnector>