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How to Test NFS Mounting from Target Hosts (KBA5873)



KBA# 5873

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How to Test NFS Mounting

Each Delphix engine provides a read-only test NFS share named 'public' which is used to test the ability to mount NFS shares on each target host.

In the event of mount failures during VDB operations, this test NFS share can also be used as part of manual troubleshooting to confirm that NFS mounting is working correctly for the Delphix OS user on that host.  Details of how to manually mount this NFS share on a target host are provided in this document.


The 'public' NFS share is used to test NFS mounting on target hosts running Linux or UNIX.  Delphix does not use NFS with Windows target hosts.

This document assumes that 'sudo' is being used to provide a privilege elevation capability on the target host.  If instead another privilege elevation tool is being used, substitute the appropriate command into the examples below in place of 'sudo'.

The Delphix OS user on the target host must be configured with the appropriate privilege elevation permissions to be able to run the 'mount' command with the required options.  Sample sudo configuration entries are available in the Delphix documentation, for example Sudo File Configuration Examples for Oracle Environments.

A suitable mountpoint directory must be created for the test mount.  The examples below use /mnt/delphix/test but this should be changed as appropriate for your environment.  The Delphix OS user must have sudo privileges to be able to mount filesystems to the chosen mountpoint directory.

To Test NFS Mounting

The following commands can be run as the Delphix OS user to mount the public test share on the target host.  Provide the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the Delphix engine in place of delphix_engine_ipaddr.


sudo /bin/mount -o nosuid,tcp,vers=3 delphix_engine_ipaddr:/public /mnt/delphix/test

Solaris / AIX:

sudo /usr/sbin/mount -o nosuid,proto=tcp,vers=3 delphix_engine_ipaddr:/public /mnt/delphix/test


sudo /sbin/mount -o nosuid,proto=tcp,vers=3 delphix_engine_ipaddr:/public /mnt/delphix/test

To unmount the NFS filesystem after testing:


sudo /bin/umount /mnt/delphix/test

Solaris / AIX / HP-UX:

sudo /usr/sbin/umount /mnt/delphix/test




From Delphix version onwards and for target host operating systems that support NFSv4 (see NFSv4 Configuration for details of NFSv4 support), mounts using this protocol version can be tested by changing 'vers=3' to 'vers=4' in the above commands.


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